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How To Add Curb Appeal To A Flat Front House

Don't know how to add curb appeal to a flat front house? Check out this article for some

if you’re wondering “What is a flat-front house?”, you probably don’t have a house with a flat front. Whether it was the architectural trend at the time or just a way to reduce construction cost, the front of many homes is distinctly flat. If you want to add curb appeal to a flat front house, your job will be somewhat different than if the face of your home has some depth to it.

Of course, many of the usual curb appeal standards, including a new roof (from the best roof company in Toronto, right?!), new door hardware, and a new garage door will all boost curb appeal as they do with any home. So it’s not like you have no options. But the flat front of the home can be a detriment to curb appeal, and you need to find ways to change that.

3 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to a Flat-Front Home

Adding curb appeal is a home improvement that pays off in increased pride of ownership and higher property values.

Here’s how to enjoy those benefits and more from your flat-front house.

1. Add a Portico
small portico placed above your front door


At first, this may seem like a much more involved improvement than most. But even a small portico placed above your front door supported by L-brackets will instantly add dimension and become the focal point of the front of your home.

If you take it one step further and build a portico supported by columns, now you have one more element to add interest to the curb appeal, and a setting for other elements, like potted plants, porch railings and even adding a light fixture to the portico.

2. Build a Covered Porch

a full-fledged front porch


If you want to take the portico idea even further along, a full-fledged front porch is the way to go. Again, this one can be the setting for other curb appeal enhancing elements, like a porch swing.

3. Improve Your Entrance Door Way

Curb appeal is the front entrance door


After choosing a new paint colour, this may be one of the fastest, easiest and least costly improvement. After taking in the entire home from the roadway, the next thing that most influences curb appeal is the front entrance door. By adding an emblamature across the top, and decorative columns for door jambs, it gives your front door, and the entire home, a sense of substance and structure.

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