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Benefits of Potlight Covers

benefits of potlight covers

Potlights have become a popular upgrade over the years because they are relatively easy to install and can lighten up areas of your home However, when they are installed, it is important to make sure an insulating cover is installed over the portion that protrudes into your attic.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. Older model potlights get quite hot if left on for longer periods of time and a potlight shield is made of a fire-safe material.
  2. Even for the newer models that are more energy efficient, the cover stops air leakage from around the light. This is important because attics should ideally be the same temperature as the outside. You want to keep the heated air in winter and the cooled air in summer within the conditioned, living area of your home.
The image of Potlight cover and Potlight shield

By keeping extra heat and moisture out of your attic, you will also reduce the risk of wood rot and mould growth. Call our Service Department for a quote today!

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