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What Are the Best Roofing Materials for the Canadian Climate?

Chouinard Bros. goes through the best roofing materials to use for Canadian climate

First of all, just what is the “Canadian Climate”? How can you find the best roofing materials for a climate that ranges from damp on the coasts, to extreme cycles of heat and cold in the middle, and frigid Arctic cold in the north?

Durable roofs in Canada have to be ready for just about anything.

List of Best Roofing Materials for Canadian Weather

A new roof is one of the best home improvements you can make. You can get payback on the installed costs of the roof from improved curb appeal and better insulation. But just how much of a return on investment you get can depend on the roofing options you choose and the roof company in Toronto you hire.

Here’s a list of three types of roofing materials for you to consider.

  1. Asphalt Roofing Shingles – There’s a reason that asphalt shingles are the roofing material of choice on over 70% of Canadian homes. It is quite simply, dollar for dollar, the best roofing material for Canada’s climate.
    Asphalt shingles have come a long way from being available in only one basic style, and about half a dozen colours. Today, you can choose architectural asphalt tiles that imitate the look of slate roofing and a number of other styles. Many asphalt shingles are rated to last for 50 years or more, which means roof installed with them won’t need to be replaced for a very long time. Asphalt is also a good choice for the range of weather Canadian homes must endure. They remain pliable in deep freezes, can withstand heat as well as any roofing material and are even fire resistant.
  2. Clay Tiles – You may have noticed clay tile roofing on a few homes around Toronto. Clay is popular for its appearance. It can withstand Canadian climate variations too. But when it comes to maintenance and repair, clay roofs can get costly. And you have to hope your roofing contractor is still around if you need a repair because not all contractors work with clay.
  3. Metal Roofing – Another good material for our weather, metal and steel roofs are also making an appearance on a few more homes around town. While you can choose from a wide range of colours, one of the most common complaints about metal roofs is the interference with wireless internet and smartphone connections.

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Please note: Chouinard Bros. does not recommend any homeowner complete repairs to their roof of their own. Our technicians are skilled at performing this work and have received years of training to understand how to complete repairs safely.

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