About Us

About Us

Almost everywhere you look in a residential area, you can find residential roofing companies. You simply can’t own a house, without having your roof looked after and maintained – especially living in Canada. With this knowledge, it’s pretty clear as you look around that there are many roofing companies to choose from. However, many businesses can perform a task adequately, but very few can provide the excellent service that the Chouinard Bros. offers. A company that has been established since 1972, continues today as a family owned and operated business. We view ourselves as a stamp in our community and our longevity in an always-changing industry is proof of our long lasting relationships with our clients. We are very proud of our reputation as a leading residential roofing company – a reputation we earn providing quality roofing services to Canada’s top builders, and to homeowners like you. Our offices and showroom are open all year round to assist you. Our crews also work year round to provide emergency and other customer services – something that is not easy to find during any season. It’s this type of unparalleled and unmatched service that has made Chouinard Bros. so successful and has stood the test of time.

But don’t take our word for it — we encourage you to compare our service to any other residential roofing company. Here are just some of the many proofs that differentiate our company from others: our employees are very experienced, and are fully covered under WSIB (Workers’ Compensation). Our large purchasing power and stocking warehouse means quick job turn-around and speedy yet efficient results. We respect your property as we are homeowners as well — site cleanup and material removal will meet your needs. We take extra care to make sure everything is as exactly as it was before we had arrived. I.E. Our wheeled trailers mean no damage to your driveway. And our computerized metal shop means the most accurate metalwork with the fastest delivery.

How We Are Different

Your safety is our priority and of the outmost importance. We realize that we don’t just offer roof replacement service and maintenance; we offer piece of mind and safety. A door, a set of windows, a vent and the roof are more than mere fittings in your house; they are in fact the guardians of your family’s safety, keeping them dry, healthy and providing shelter. Should even one of these important components of your house malfunction or be ill maintained you could be exposing your family to a number of potential dangers.

This is where we come in. We fully understand that the high level of quality roofing you expect to receive is protecting you from the elements of the outside world. At Chouinard Bros. we do more than simply carry out roof leak repairs through our quality roof replacement service.

5 Year Warranty

Another one of the copious amount of ways we differentiate from other roofing companies is that we offer prompt and top notch maintenance and repair service. We also offer a free quote for any and all of our professional services, a 5-year written guarantee, and 24/7 emergency and customer service.

Free Inspection and Written Estimate

On your request, our friendly staff will visit your home to discuss all your options, and provide a free inspection and written estimate. Also, when you call us, we can provide you a list of recent customers in your area that can vouch for us and our service — evidence of our long lasting relationship in the community. So, contact us today, for professional roof repair or window and door replacement services. At Chouinard Bros. exceptional service is part of the job and a priority, not just an added perk.