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Attic insulation installation service.

Toronto Attic Insulation for Temperature Extremes

Homeowners in the South Central Ontario region know that staying comfortable year-round requires a structure that can endure all the extremes, from sweltering heat and humidity to below-freezing temperatures with piles of snow and ice. To keep your home from feeling like a sauna or an ice box during these times, blown insulation might be the answer.

Blown insulation, also called blown-in insulation, refers to the process by which loose-fill materials like fibreglass or cellulose are blown into otherwise inaccessible tight spaces through drilled holes.

The Benefits of Blown Attic Insulation

Attic insulation helps keep our homes warm in winter and cool in the summer, especially when the air conditioning unit is running. However, this seemingly simple task usually calls for a specific type of home insulation that fits the needs of the dwelling. Hiring the right insulation contractor will keep your home energy costs as low as possible so you can breathe a sigh of relief when your energy bills arrive in the mail.

  • Consistent Insulation Capacity – R-value is the rating of insulation’s ability to insulate a given space. The higher the value, the better. Some types of insulation, like fibreglass batts, can lose some of their R-value when they get wet. Blown-in insulation maintains the same R-value whether it’s wet or dry, providing extra peace of mind against inclement seasons.
  • Relatively Low Cost – Compared to other types of insulation solutions, we offer blow-in and spray-foam insulation, which provide excellent value for your investment considering their energy savings and long-term durability.
  • Faster Installation – You won’t have to worry about insulation contractors crowding your space for too long with blown insulation. Our professional installers work efficiently to complete the job in a timely fashion, and without compromises.
  • Fills All the Gaps – Fibreglass batts can leave gaps in your insulation, especially if they’re not installed properly. Our blown-in insulation reaches every corner, nook and cranny in your attic for more complete coverage without any costly gaps.
  • Maintain Airflow: Baffles are placed between the rafters, which allows fresh air to flow into the attic from the soffit vents. It is important that baffles – also called moore vents – maintain airflow from the soffits, since proper air circulation in the attic prevents moisture build up, which can lead to many other problems like mold, rot, and mildew.
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Choose Chouinard Bros. for Attic Insulation

While it is important to use the best attic insulation for your home, it’s just as important that it’s installed correctly. Our insulation experts assess your attic to determine how much insulation is needed, as well as its ideal placement. The installation team is trained, experienced, and well equipped for the safe, fast, and clean installation of different forms of insulation, which include blown-in fibreglass and cellulose insulation, as well as spray foam insulation.

These options are perfect for places that normally go unnoticed, allowing air to escape. Our insulation installs are an extra layer of defense, forming a vapour barrier that prevents air from passing from the unconditioned areas of the home to the conditioned living areas. The result is more consistent year-round comfort and lowered costs as your home becomes more energy efficient. Also, the same effective blown cellulose insulation that works so well in your attic can be used to insulate your entire home!

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