Commercial Attic Insulation Installation in Greater Toronto Area

Attic Insulation

Lucky you – you own or manager a property in Southern Ontario! That means, for your staff and/or tenants to stay comfortable year-round, you need a building that endures sweltering heat, humidity, freezing temperatures, and enough snow and ice to please a polar bear.

In other words, your building must stay warm or cool through a greater range of conditions than most other properties in the world.

So now you know the importance of attic insulation in Southern Ontario buildings!

The Benefits of Blown Attic Insulation

Of course, you know that your attic insulation helps keep the interior of your building warm in winter and cool in the summer when you’re running your air conditioning. But that simple-sounding task calls for insulation that’s just right for your building and needs. Hiring the right insulation contractor will keep your energy costs as low as possible so you can have a sigh of relief when your energy bills arrive.

  • Consistent Insulation Capacity – R-value is the rating of insulation’s ability to insulate. The higher the better. But some types of insulation, like fibreglass batts, can lose some of their R-value if it gets wet. Blown-in insulation maintains its R-value wet or dry.
  • Relatively Low Cost – Compared to other types of solutions, we offer blow-in and spray-foam insulation which prove excellent value for your investment.
  • Faster Installation – You won’t have to worry about insulation installers being on your property for too long if they are installing blown insulation. Our insulation services are optimized to get the job done right, and fast!
  • Fills All the Gaps – Fibreglass batts can leave gaps in your insulation coverage, especially if it isn’t installed properly. Our blown-in insulation can reach every corner, gap, nook and cranny in your attic for more complete coverage and no costly gaps.
  • Maintain Airflow: Baffles are placed between the rafters which allow fresh air to flow into the attic from the soffit vents. It is important that baffles (aka moore vents) maintain airflow from the soffits since proper air circulation in the attic will prevent moisture build up and unwanted problems.

Blown attic insulation - Chouinard Bros - Toronto

Why Choose Chouinard Bros. for Your Attic Insulation

As important as using the best attic insulation for your building, one perfectly suited for our unique climate here in Southern Ontario, it’s equally important to install it properly.

Our insulation experts assess your attic to determine how much insulation is needed and where it can be best used. The installation team is trained, experienced and well equipped for the safe, fast and clean installation of different forms of insulation which include blown-in fibreglass and cellulose insulation as well as spray foam insulation– perfect for places that normally allow air to escape more easily. Perfect for creating a vapour barrier that will not allow air to pass from the unconditioned to the conditioned living areas and back. 

Let Canada’s largest roofing company solve all your roofing and siding needs.