Windows and Doors and Roofing Repair in Toronto

What do look for when choosing a contractor to fix a roof leak or your doors and windows? Reputation? Affordability? Quality assurance? Top notch customer service?

Welcome to Chouinard Bros.

Working since 1972, we are very proud of our reputation as leading residential roofing company in Markham – a reputation we have earned after providing years of quality roofing services to Canada's top builders, and to homeowners like you.

Your safety is our priority

We don’t just offer roof replacement service and maintenance, we do more. We realize that a door, a set of windows, a vent and the roof are more than mere fittings in your house; they are in fact the guardians of your family’s safety, keeping them dry and healthy. Should even one of these important components of your house malfunction or be ill maintained you could be exposing your family to a number of potential dangers.

This is where we come in.

What do we do?

At Chouinard Bros. we do more than simply carry out roof leak repairs through our quality roof replacement service. We offer you a whole range of top quality professional services. These include:

What makes us different?

As leading roofing contractors of Toronto we offer prompt and top notch maintenance and repair service along with:

A free quote for any and all of our professional services
A 5-year written guarantee
Competitive rates
Customized repayment options

Our showroom is open year round for your convenience. On your request, our friendly staff will visit your home to discuss all your options, and provide a free inspection and written estimate. Also, when you call we provide you a list of recent customers in your area that can vouch for us and our service. So, contact us today, for professional roof repair or window and door replacement services.

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Storm Damage Update

We thank all of our loyal customers for their patience during the last few weeks as we work together to address concerns from the last wind storm.  We are making great progress returning the thousands of emails and phone calls that we have received and appreciate everyone following our guidelines of emailing the following information to info@chouinardbros.com:
  • · Name
  • · Address
  • · Postal Code
  • · Short description of wind damage
  • · Pictures if possible
  • · Age of roof
  • · Are you a previous Chouinard Bros client?

Phone calls are acceptable, although emails are preferred to avoid spelling issues which impact efficiency. 

Your inquires will continue to be handled in the order in which they are received, multiple emails and phone calls will only slow the process.

Thank you for your ongoing support