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Chouinard Bros. has spent decades working as a trustworthy roofing and eavestrough contractor in Toronto, Canada. Our eavestrough services come from extensive experience performing installations, replacements, and repairs at countless properties.

Your home’s eavestroughs and downpipes are vital parts of its complete roofing system. We design your eavestrough system to stop rain and melting snow from seeping into your home and channel water away from your structure to prevent damage.

If a contractor doesn’t install your eavestroughs and downspouts properly, the system can damage your entire roofing system. To avoid this expensive issue, you need to hire our experienced eavestrough contracting team to ensure your project gets completed correctly.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Eavestrough Installation?

A proper eavestrough installation has many benefits to your home’s function, appearance, and value. Chouinard Bros. wants all our clients to enjoy dry, comfortable homes without worrying about water damage whenever a rainstorm rolls through their neighbourhoods with our roofing services.

Eavestroughs are more than gutters we tack onto your roof’s edges. Your quality eavestroughs deliver all benefits your home requires with dependable water channelling to move it away from your siding, basement, and foundation.

However, you need a highly trained, professional team to perform your installation to get the most out of your new eavestroughs for years. We’ve described some common benefits of a professional eavestrough installation:

  • Eavestroughs Are Seamless – New eavestroughs look outstanding, but they offer more than a better home appearance. We custom-fit seamless eavestrough to your home. These additions have fewer leaks and are easier to clean. Your home gets an aesthetic enhancement, better protection against water, and they’re easier to care for over time.
  • Your Basement Stays Dry – While we install your new eavestrough on your roof’s edge, they ultimately work with your home’s downpipes to collect and channel away water rolling off your roof. The system carries water away from your home’s foundation and prevents flooding and moisture from getting into your basement.
  • You Prevent Damage Around Your Home – You need an experienced professional to install your eavestroughs properly. A professional installation prevents issues like water damage on your home’s deck, patio, and landscaping. Water damage can happen everywhere around your home, but quality eavestroughs help you avoid it.
  • Your Eavestroughs Get Rid of Debris – Leaves, twigs, debris, and anything else falling on your roof can end up in your eavestrough. You need our team to install your eavestroughs in a way that prevents this debris from clogging them. Clogs and backups can damage your roof and areas around your house.

Why Choose Us for Eavestrough & Downspout Installations?

At Chouinard Bros., we take our position seriously as one of the area’s leading roofing and eavestrough contractors. Our mission is to ensure your eavestrough investment last as long as possible and protects your roof and home reliably, no matter what summer storms and winter snow and ice might bring.

It makes sense to entrust your eavestrough project to an experienced roofing company since this roofing component is integral to your entire roofing system. We understand eavestroughs and downspouts are essential to protect your residential property, so we offer exceptional work quality using high-quality materials.

The following are compelling reasons to choose us to install your eavestroughs and downspouts:

  • Precision Installation – You need a trained professional to install eavestrough to ensure they’re positioned at precisely the right slope for each of your roof’s sections. Eavestroughs with too little or too much slope can cause expensive damage to your roof and around your home.
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Eavestrough Installers – We must expertly assess your requirements before we install your eavestroughs and downspouts. Your project requires an installer with the right expertise and equipment to ensure your new downspouts and eavestroughs perform as they should with your roofing system. Expertly installed gutters and downspouts can also maximize your home’s curb appeal.
  • Everything You Need for Your Complete System – We have all you need to install a high-quality, effective eavestrough system. Our collection of eavestrough options includes downspout extensions, splash guards, and leaf guards. These essential options prevent clogs and ensure water gets carried away from your home properly.

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Your eavestrough investment deserves results that live up to your expectations and last for years. We cover all these requirements at competitive prices because we believe quality products and services don’t always need a luxury price tag.

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