Residential Skylight Installation in Greater Toronto Area

Chouinard Bros. Residential Skylights

Skylights have been used since ancient times to bring natural sunlight into rooms without the need for complex or expensive additions to the structure. There’s an unmistakable quality, an airiness, a lightness, that comes with illuminating interiors with natural light. The soft glow of the sun passing through glass isn’t just brighter, it’s inspiring. You can enjoy the advantages of a skylight in almost any interior space, with a project that’s more straightforward than you might think.

Beyond the simple beautification of the space, a skylight installation allows residents to save on electricity during the day, and add another avenue of ventilation by opening a room to the outside. We pride ourselves on being one of the most thorough and reliable skylight companies you’ll find in Toronto.

The Chouinard Bros. Skylight Specialists

While it might seem that there are only advantages to installing new skylights, there can be one disadvantage: a poorly-executed installation. But when you choose the highly-trained, qualified, and experienced Chouinard Bros. skylight specialists to handle your skylight installation, you can rest assured that the job will be completed as you imagined.

  • Spaciousness – More light in a room, especially natural daylight, makes the room feel more spacious. This addition can have a direct impact on your family’s daily quality-of-life. Adding a skylight can even physically increase the amount of space in a room, depending on which option you choose.
  • Attractive Designs – The days of skylight bubbles are long gone. Contemporary skylight designs add a distinctive look to any home or building, which instantly increases its aesthetic and resale value. In fact, a skylight might be the thing that seals the deal if you’re considering putting a home on the market, or are engaged in a flip.
  • Versatile Options – You can let in more fresh air with a skylight that opens to the outside, or get a built-in power blind to cool down the space. The same option is available with a tinted skylight. You can also do both!

Residential Skylight Installations

Residential skylight view in the roof at Aurora ON


Skylights in the home can work their magic in any room. Imagine cooking in a kitchen filled with splashes of warm sunlight, or taking perfect photos in a family room that’s lit like a sunroom. A skylight is the type of feature guests will continue praising long after they’ve left and started considering their own home improvements.

Wherever you put a skylight in your home, it will help you save money with lower energy costs. The extra lighting saves on energy during the day, and the added ventilation increases your cooling efficiency year-round.

Commercial and Industrial Skylight Installations

From giving a commercial building that natural boost with skylights in the reception area of your workspace, to providing your staff with the productivity-boosting effects of natural light, businesses of all types can take advantage of skylights. As always, improving energy efficiency is always good for overhead, which in turn is good for your bottom line. Skylights are especially useful in front-facing businesses that let in customers.

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Perhaps you’re on the fence about installing a skylight because you think it’s a project for a certain type of home, or it’s too involved to undergo at the moment. This is why we offer quotes and service calls – to clarify the logistics of a skylight install and put your mind at ease. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-521-3229 to ask any questions about skylights.

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