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The Attic Ventilation Experts

Effective attic and roof ventilation keeps your attic free of moisture, which makes your home healthier, more comfortable, and helps support your roof. The attic ventilation experts at Chouinard Bros. are well-equipped to keep your attic in shape to brave the extremes in all seasons.

Benefits of Attic Ventilation

Attics can become damp from condensation and small leaks in your roofing system. Good ventilation keeps air flowing throughout your attic keeping it cool and dry, which contributes to many quality-of-life benefits, such as:

  • A Healthier Home – Moisture in the attic is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Airborne spores from the attic gather into living spaces and trigger breathing problems, eye irritation, and throat irritation. A dry environment prevents these issues.
  • Lower Heating and Cooling Costs – When your attic insulation becomes damp, it loses some of its ability to provide proper insulation. This means it costs more to heat your home in winter, and more to keep it cool in summer. Ventilation optimizes your home’s insulation, which increases energy efficiency, directly lowering your power bills.
  • Stops Wood Rot – Moisture, mold, and mildew can weaken the wooden support structures found in roofs and ceilings. Keeping the attic dry keeps its wooden materials healthy, extending the lifetime of your home and saving you money on costly repairs.

Choose Chouinard Bros. to Install Your Attic Ventilation

A professional installation by highly-trained contractors is important if you want to take advantage of all the benefits that attic space ventilation offers. We’ve spent years with hands-on projects, gaining the type of expertise that prepares all our contractors for any situation. We’ve also developed the type of standards that don’t allow us to consider a job complete until we’re sure the client will be satisfied.

  1. The Right Amount of Ventilation for Your Attic – Just because attic ventilation is so beneficial for your home, that doesn’t mean more is better. Too much ventilation, or too little, can eliminate many of the benefits, weaken your roof, and cause moisture damage.
  2. The Best Type of Attic Vents for Your Roof – The best attic ventilation system for your roof may not be the same as the best vent for another home. There are many different types of attic vents, including box vents, wind turbines and power vents. The square footage of your attic and roof will also have an impact on the intake vents and exhaust vents that will suit your home best. The one you choose can make a big difference in properly ventilating your attic.
  3. Training and Innovation – Like all industries, the roofing sector will continue to evolve as time passes. Our knowledge and understanding of ventilation has expanded by leaps and bounds over the course of the past decade. We strive to remain in the forefront of the roofing industry by working closely with manufacturers, and enrolling roofers in training programs that allow us to provide the best counsel to homeowners and property owners.
  4. Expert Attic Vent Installation – We offer more than 45 years of professional vent installation experience and are trained and qualified roofing and ventilation specialists. We know that all the training and innovation in the world won’t matter without the skill to apply it; fortunately, we bring both aspects of effective contract work to the table.

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At Chouinard Bros., we don’t just rest on our reputation as one of the top roofing companies. We strive to exceed these expectations with every job. To find out more about how we can alleviate any of your roof ventilation concerns, request a quote, or you can contact us toll-free at 1-800-521-3229.

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