Storm Damage Emergency Roof Repair for Commercial Properties

Snow, ice, hail or wind can all cause damage to a roof.

Have you experienced damage from a recent storm? We can understand that this is a difficult time for you as you are concerned about potential damage to the commercial building you own or manage.

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Start by filling out the repair request form with all the details you can provide

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In an emergency situation, we will be getting in touch ASAP to assess your damage

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We will send our roof repair specialists to service your property.

After being in business since 1972, we have helped many property managers and owners who are in the position that you are. Over the years, we have developed an amazing team of people who will help walk you through this process and get the damage addressed as quickly as possible.

Warranty Details

If your roof was installed by Chouinard Bros., we are here to help! But it is important to understand what is covered and by whom. Chouinard Bros., offers a labour warranty on the roofs that we install. This is for the period of time that was noted on your contract and covers the installation process only.

In terms of the physical shingle and its performance, this is something that would be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. The documentation you received when your roof was installed should have detailed the name of the shingle that was installed and who manufactured it. Each manufacturer offers different warranties on their products and varying levels of coverage.

Storm damage caused by things like high winds or hail may be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. Chouinard Bros. can assist by guiding you through the documentation process that is required when you need to file a claim. Please note that the requirements will vary by manufacturer and our assistance is for a fee.


Request Emergency Repair Services

Due to the recent inclement weather conditions, we are currently only accepting requests for REPAIRS. We understand that repairs are often urgent and we appreciate your patience as we respond as quickly as we can.

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  • Is my roof repair covered under warranty?

    It depends! Please get in touch by completing the form on this page so that we can assess your situation.

  • Why can’t someone come in an hour?

    Unfortunately it does take time to gather all of the proper information and allocate our technicians whose schedules are generally pre-booked at least 1 business day in advance. Complete the form to start the process as soon as possible!

  • Will I need a new roof?

    We cannot determine that without attending your property and assessing the scope of work required. Please get in touch by completing the form on this page so that we can assess your situation.

  • Will my roof leak with shingles missing?

    There are several factors such as slope, underlayment, shingle age, substrate as well as the scale of damage to the roof and how long it is exposed for. Now that you’ve discovered missing shingles, get in touch via the form and we can assess your specific situation.

  • How much will a repair cost?

    There are many factors that can affect the price of the repair such as the height of the structure, amount of damage, etc. Please get in touch by completing the form on this page so that we can assess your situation.

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