Custom Builds

Custom Home Roofing Services for Your Custom Home

Whether you’re a custom home builder, contractor or a homeowner who finally realizes your dream of building your own home, we can make your life easier.

We understand the process and requirements of custom home building. We do everything we can to make the installation of your custom roofing / exterior cladding system as seamless and worry-free as possible.

  • Do I Get a Consultation on Custom Roofing? – It begins with a team of experienced estimators and our support team who know how to ask the right questions and develop the right solutions. We can also leverage our in-house team of engineers to ensure accurate quotations so you can build with confidence.
  • What Are the Roofing Options? – We offer a broad range of flat roofing materials such as architectural and designer-grade shingles, cedar shake, and compost slate. You decide and we’ll deliver.
  • Can You Work With My Schedule? – We understand the importance of every part of your custom home building project being completed to schedule. A small delay can ripple into costly time overruns. With a proper project set up and open lines of communication throughout, we will work together to meet your production timelines.
  • How Experienced Are Your Roofing Installation Teams? – With countless hours of experience, our crews have seen it all. We understand what’s required when doing a custom home roofing installation and more importantly, how to work safely on a construction site. Of course, they are fully WSIB insured.
  • The Extras – Quality exterior cladding (eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, finials, etc), flashings, roofing ventilation, attic insulation skylights and anything else you need to make your custom home exterior even more distinctive, we can install it for you.
  • Peace of Mind – It comes from working with Canada’s largest local roofing conctractor and being protected by the best installation warranty in the business.

Let Canada’s largest roofing company solve all your roofing and siding needs.