Roof Care Bundle for Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Properties

Managing a commercial facility is just like running any business – it is all about cash flow. Successful owners and property managers use strict financial controls to minimize expenses while maximizing the cash-generating functions. The worst thing that can happen to any property, is damage that causes sections to be closed off for repairs.

This is where Chouinard Bros. comes in.

We are offering a Roof Care Bundle which will help you plan and budget for repairs rather than just react to them. This 3-year plan includes:

  • 2 inspections per year
  • 1 trough cleaning per year
  • 15% discount on a repair each year (max. value is based on sq ft)
  • Priority scheduling for emergency repairs (billed separately)

Many businesses adopt a strategy of deferred building maintenance. This approach reduces short-term maintenance budgets but increases the capital expense budgets for roof repairs and replacements. This is a choice of paying now or paying later, except the bills are even higher if you wait.

Statistics show that more than 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely and a roof maintenance program can save up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof!

Contact us today for more details on how Chouinard Bros. can help protect your property.

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