Commercial Soffit & Fascia

Commercial Soffit and Fascia Installation

You may not remember the last time you thought about the soffit and fascia on your commercial property. These features often get overlooked until they become an issue. However, the soffit and fascia of your roof play several important roles in the overall integrity and aesthetics of a roofing system. Along with playing a key role in fashioning a building’s appearance – particularly important for front-facing businesses – the soffit and fascia are also key to the proper ventilation of an attic, which affects both the building’s integrity and the health of its inhabitants.

What Is a Soffit?

The soffit covers the underside of the overhang of a building’s roof. To see a soffit, stand under the roof where it extends out from the exterior wall, and look upward. The surface you see on the bottom of the overhang is called the soffit. You might notice small holes in the soffit panels, or a series of vents. These let air into the attic and maintain good circulation. Along with helping with attic ventilation, a soffit installation makes your commercial building look better by covering the wooden studs that support its roof.

What is the Fascia?

The fascia is the front-facing part of the overhang mentioned above, essentially forming the “face” of a building by covering the outside edges of the roof under the shingles. The eavestroughs, better known as rain gutters, or simply gutters, are attached to the fascia boards on the roof. The fascia provides the visuals that people will see when they look at your building, and is essential to making a good impression. A well-maintained fascia goes a long way toward establishing an air of professionalism and tidiness about your company, even in buildings that aren’t open to the public.

How the Soffit, Fascia, and Ventilation System Work Together

Your soffit, fascia and roof vents work together to maintain optimal attic ventilation. A properly vented attic helps reduce your heating and air conditioning costs, prevents mold and wood rot, and stops ice dams from forming in winter. Small holes or vents built into your soffit let air into the attic from the outside edges of the roof. The fascia prevents too much air, as well as pests and debris, from entering the attic by sealing the ends of roof rafters. Finally, roof vents let the air that enters the soffits travel through the attic and out the exhaust vents. All these events keep your attic dry and reduce the damage that can be caused by moisture.

Why Expert Soffit and Fascia Installation is Crucial

You might think the soffit and fascia only improve the appearance of a building, and that anyone can install it without much skill. However, the crucial role of the soffit and fascia in a roofing system means a professional installation is necessary to garner all the benefits of these parts, and to avoid serious damage to your roof and interior.

  • Keeps Out Birds, Animals and Insects – Commercial soffit and fascia repair can mend breaches that would allow small animals and insects to find their way inside, which could become a serious problem if they start multiplying.
  • Helps Maintain the Support Structure of Your Roof – Regulating attic ventilation with well-installed soffits and fascia reduces moisture and condensation in your roof, which in turn reduces the wood rot, mold, and mildew that weakens the wooden roof support structure.
  • Keeps Out Heat and Cold – Without properly installed soffit and fascia, buildings would be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Beyond the higher heating and cooling bills, this also means the people inside these buildings would be less comfortable year-round.

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Considering that building comfort, roof integrity, and creature infestations are at stake, it’s smart to choose a roofing company with more than 45 years of experience installing soffit and fascia in all types of properties. We employ a trained and qualified installation team who are safe, efficient and determined to provide the best services possible. We also provide a wide variety of soffit and fascia options to complement the look of your building, as well as the ongoing protection of comprehensive manufacturer and installation warranties.

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