Seasonal Services for Commercial Properties

Roofing problems can arise all year round. Rest assured Chouinard Bros. is open and here to support you no matter what time of year.  Seasonal services include:

Wind Damage

If a severe windstorm has left you with missing or damaged shingles, we can quickly and efficiently repair the damage. Read more about our Storm Damage Roof repair here.

Animal Damage

Toronto and the surrounding areas within Southern Ontario have a lot of raccoons and other rodents always looking for a warm, safe place to nest. If they have made your roof a target, we can repair the damage and suggest improvements to help protect you in the future.

Spring & Fall Clean-up

If you have lots of trees surrounding your property, it is a good idea to regularly clean your eavestrough or remove any debris that can build up in your valleys, around your chimney or on your flat roof in order to help promote proper water drainage from your roof.

Ice Dam Removal

Although icicles hanging from a roof line can look pretty, they can be an indication of bigger problems. Ice can build up at the perimeter of your roof, backing up under your shingles resulting in leaks inside your building. The weight of the ice can also put a strain on your gutters. Our trained Service Technicians can work to stop the effects of the dam and then provide recommendations to keep it from occurring again in the future.

Roof Top Snow Removal

Anyone who has had to shovel their driveway knows that snow is quite heavy. When you live in an area that experiences high snow loads or have a flat roof where the snow can build up over the winter months, it is a good idea to remove the weight in order to not put excess pressure on the structure.

Insulation Top-up

If your insulation is old or low, your money could be leaking right out of your roof. Poor insulation means your heater has to work harder in winter and your A/C harder in summer. We can assess your attic and top up the level as needed. Read more about our Roof Insulation here.

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