Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia Installation

So when’s the last time you thought about the soffit and fascia on your home? If Chouinard Bros. did your soffit and fascia installation, you wouldn’t have had to think about them for a long time!

Together, the soffit and fascia of your roof play a variety of important roles in the overall roofing system. Primarily, they are key to the proper ventilation of your attic and they also play a big role in the appearance of your home.

What is the Soffit?

The soffit covers the underside of the overhang of your home’s roof. If you want to see your soffit, stand under your roof where it extends out from an exterior wall and look up. The ‘ceiling’ you see on the bottom of the overhang is the soffit.

You may notice small holes in the soffit panels or a series of vents. They let air into the attic to maintain good circulation. In addition to helping with attic ventilation, your soffit installation makes your home look better by covering the ends of the wooden studs that support your roof.

What is the Fascia?

The fascia also helps to improve the looks of your home by covering the outside edges of the roof, just under the shingles. Your eavestroughs are attached to the fascia boards on your roof.

Why Expert Soffit and Fascia Installation is Crucial

You might think, if the soffit and fascia just improve the appearance of my home, then anyone can install it. But the crucial role of the soffit and fascia in the roofing system means you’ll need them professionally installed if you want to get all their benefits and even avoid serious damage to your roof and home.

  • Keeps Out Birds, Animals and Insects – Without your soffit and fascia, your attic would be wide open to the outside. Your home would become a home to lots of different creatures without your soffit and fascia.
  • Helps Maintain the Support Structure of Your Roof – By allowing your attic ventilation to be regulated (instead of being wide open) your soffits and fascia help to reduce moisture and condensation in your roof. That reduces the chance of wood rot, mold and mildew that can weaken the wooden roof support structure.
  • Keeps Out Heat & Cold – Without properly installed soffit and fascia, your home would be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

Why Choose Chouinard Bros. for Your Soffit and Fascia Installation

Considering that home comfort, roof integrity and creature infestations are at stake, it’s smart to choose a roofing company with over 45 years of experience installing soffit and fascia in all types of homes and roofs.

  • Trained and qualified installation team who are safe, efficient and finished before you know it
  • A wide variety of soffit and fascia options to complement the look of your home
  • The protection of comprehensive manufacturer’s and installation warranties

How Your Roof’s Soffit, Fascia and Ventilation System Work Together

A properly vented attic helps reduce your heating and air conditioning costs, prevents mold and wood rot, and stops ice dams from forming in winter. Your soffit, fascia and roof vents work together to maintain optimal attic ventilation.

Small holes or vents built into your soffit let air into the attic from the outside edges of the roof. The fascia prevents too much air (and pests and debris) from getting into your attic by sealing the ends of the roof rafters. Finally, your roof vents let the air that comes in through the soffits travel across the attic and out the vents. That keeps your attic dry and reduces the damage that moisture in the attic can cause.

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