Soffit and Fascia Services in Greater Toronto Area

Chouinard Bros. Keeps Your Roof Protected

You might not think of your soffit and fascia very often, if at all, but this area of your home or business’s exterior is an essential component protecting it from weather and invasive wildlife. Chouinard Bros. proudly serves Toronto, Canada clients with a wide array of roofing needs. If you haven’t looked at your soffit and fascia in a long time, your best move is to let us provide our professional advice and services, including exceptional installations.

Soffit and fascia work together with your roof to carry out various essential roles in your overall roofing system. These components are primarily your key to appropriate attic ventilation while contributing to your home’s appearance and curb appeal. Our roofing technicians will guide you through the process of selecting and installing the perfect soffit and fascia for your unique structure.

What is the Soffit?

Chouinard Bros. understands owning a home doesn’t equate to completely comprehending all its parts and their purposes. As soffit and fascia professionals with over 45 years of experience, we’ll be glad to define each of these roofing system parts for you. Your home’s roof has an overhang, and a soffit covers its underside.

You can stand under your roof and look up to where it extends from your exterior wall to spot a soffit, which is the ceiling on the bottom of your overhang. Soffit panels have small holes or a series of vents to maintain good air circulation and let air into your attic. Additionally, installing a soffit on your home covers the ends of wooden studs supporting your roof and makes your home look better.

What is the Fascia?

Your home’s fascia is another essential part of your roofing system. This component helps improve your home’s appearance by covering your roof’s outside edges right under the shingles. Eavestroughs attach to your fascia boards and safety channel water off the top of your home and away from the foundation.

Chouinard Bros. is well-versed in comprehensive roofing services and always uses high-quality roofing materials on every job. With that in mind, we can help you select ideal fascia solutions and install them quickly to enhance your home’s curb appeal and hold your eavestroughs securely.

Expert Installations Are Crucial for Your Home

Many people suppose anyone can install soffit and fascia to improve their home’s appearance, but this isn’t true. Soffit and fascia play a crucial role in your home’s roofing system, so you need a professional installation to get all the benefits and avoid severe potential damage to your roof and overall home.

Always trust your home’s roofing project to Chouinard Bros.’ expert soffit and fascia installers and roofing service providers to ensure it gets done the first time correctly. We’ve explained some of the benefits of an expert soffit and fascia installation:

  • Keeps Out Insects, Birds, and Animals – Your attic is susceptible to outside elements without your soffit and fascia. Many types of creatures can invade your interior and make it their home if these components aren’t correctly put in place.
  • Helps Maintain Your Roof’s Support Structure – By letting your attic stay regulated by correctly installed soffits and fascia, you can reduce condensation and moisture in your roof instead of leaving it wide open. This regulation reduces the risk of wood rot, mildew, and mould growth that may weaken your wooden roof support structure.
  • Keeps Out Heat and Cold – Your home can get hotter during the summer months and colder when winter hits if it doesn’t have a properly installed soffit and fascia.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Soffit & Fascia?

Choosing Chouinard Bros for soffit and fascia installations comes with various benefits over trying to do it yourself or hiring one of our competitors. You need to make a smart choice when selecting a company for any roofing job. Our business has decades of experience installing soffit and fascia in all roof and home types. Some additional reasons to entrust us with your installation include the following:

  • We have a highly trained and qualified installation team performing safe, efficient work, and we finish before you know it.
  • You can choose from a wide array of high-quality soffit and fascia options to complement your home’s look.
  • Our installation services come with the comprehensive protection of installation and manufacturer’s warranties.

How Your System Works Together in Toronto, Canada

A properly vented attic can reduce heating and air conditioning costs in your home. It can also prevent wood rot, mould, and ice dams during the winter. Your roofing system’s soffit, fascia, and vents work together to maintain optimal attic ventilation.

A soffit’s vents or small holes let air into your attic from your roof’s outside edges, while a fascia seals your roof rafter ends to prevent pests, debris, and too much air from getting into your attic.

Finally, roof vents let air coming through your soffits travel through your attic and out the vents. All this ensures your roof stays dry while reducing damage from moisture. Contact Chouinard Bros. today to get all these benefits from a proper soffit and fascia installation.

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