Flat Roof Repair in Toronto, Canada

Experts in Flat Roof Installations & Replacements

Flat roofs are a standard choice for industrial and commercial buildings and continue to rapidly grow in popularity for residential roofs. Many materials can cover these roofs, and each option requires its own installation or replacement expertise.

Chouinard Bros. helps Toronto, Canada homeowners and business owners create and maintain their flat roofs will a wide array of roofing services. We handle flat roof repair, installation, and replacement services at properties of all types throughout the metropolitan area.

It’s just as important to find a skilled and experienced flat roofing specialist to perform your installation and repairs as to choose the right roofing materials. Our flat roof experts have all the necessary training and equipment to install and repair a broad range of flat roofing systems.

What Flat Roof Systems Do We Service in Toronto, Canada?

You can rely on Chouinard Bros. for flat roof replacement, repair, and installation services. We use the best quality flat roofing materials and industry-trusted workmanship to ensure your flat lasts as long as possible and protects your home or building from outside elements.

Flat roofs come in various types, and choosing a type depends on factors like your roofing needs, preferences, and budget. Our highly trained roofing specialists can advise you on which flat roof types fit your specific requirements and then quickly and carefully install your choice. We’ve described the types of flat roofs we install, replace, and repair to help you understand your options:

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Asphalt flat roofing has taken an evolutionary step forward with modified bitumen membranes. This roofing material is reinforced with polyester and fibreglass, giving it durability, strength, and puncture and tear resistance.

Asphalt bitumen has been adapted to polymers, giving modified bitumen flat roofs a virtually waterproof quality. We have this roofing option available in various colours, and you can conserve energy with modified bitumen because it reduces heat transfer by up to 50%. Additionally, these flat roofing materials are completely recyclable.

Chouinard Bros. invests in the best possible flat roof choices so that our clients get genuine value out of their new roofing solutions. Modified bitumen roofing offers durability and longevity, making your new roof reliable for years.

Single-Ply Flat Roofing

Chouinard Bros. features single-ply flat roofing as an outstanding option for homes and businesses needing reliable roofing material. A single-ply flat roof is a perfect solution if you need a lighter roof. This roofing option lives up to its name because it consists of a single layer of weatherproof membrane.

Manufacturers can make single-ply roofing from various materials, such as TPO (plastic), PVC (vinyl), and EPDM rubber. Single-ply roofing protects your home or building for many years despite its thinness. This roofing option comes in many colour options, like white, and it can help you reduce your cooling costs.

Roof Coatings

Not all flat roofing materials come in solid sheets or panels. Chouinard Bros. appreciates how roofing technology has advanced over the years, and now you have affordable options we can install quickly using a roller, such as roof coatings.

We install these liquid-applied flat roofing options using spray-on or roll-on application processes, broken into two parts. First, we spray the roofing material directly onto your roof. After the first step, we cover the first layer with a durable urethane or acrylic coating.

The result is a weatherproof seal on your flat roof to protect your home or business from rain, weather, and other outside elements trying to invade your interior spaces.

How Many Decades of Roofing Expertise Do You Get with Chouinard Bros.?

Chouinard Bros. is a premium roofing services provider for many reasons. Our versatile residential and commercial roofing expertise pairs with over 45 years of proven work quality and timely results. Your roofing project deserves the best possible outcome, requiring a roofing company that invests in exceptional training and the highest-quality materials.

Our company covers all these features and combines them with unbeatable customer service to make your project a positive experience. We strive to be the only roofing service provider you need to call whenever you need solutions to your home’s structural needs. Some examples of our specialties include flat roof repair, storm damage repair, and siding, soffit, and fascia installations and replacements.

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If your flat roof needs professional attention, Chouinard Bros. is a prime roofing service provider in Toronto, Canada. Don’t settle for subpar work quality by ill-trained or apathetic contractors or try to perform repairs yourself.

You can avoid injuries and additional expensive work by reaching out to our highly trained and experienced team. We prioritize your satisfaction and ensure our work meets or exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our flat roofing solutions and schedule service at your home.

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