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3 Renovation Ideas For Bungalows

Here are some renovation ideas for bungalows from Chouinard Bros. in today's article

If you’re looking for renovation ideas for bungalows, chances are you’re in an older home. Aside from the fact that you probably wouldn’t renovate a newer home, bungalows have accounted for a much smaller percentage of new home builds over the past few decades.

That means one of the main focuses of your renovation is probably to update the look and layout of the home.

Think About These Bungalow Renovation Ideas

Here are just a few ideas that will make your bungalow look and feel brand new.

  1. Go Open Concept – If you were thinking a simple renovation to update the look of your kitchen, this might be bad news. But it really should be good news that we caught you before you started. Many older homes were built with distinctly separate living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, consider turning it into an open-concept renovation. Not only will you update the look and layout of your home, but breaking down the walls will open more living space.
  2. Renovate the Bathroom – This one has multiple benefits too. First, your bathroom is used by everyone in the home every day. So you’ll appreciate an update there more than in most other rooms in the house. Second, if and when you sell the home, updated bathrooms help you get higher offers from prospective buyers. If you haven’t redone the bathroom in a while, get ready for some new and creative features you can add. First, bathroom tile is available is a virtually unlimited array of sizes, styles, textures, and patterns. And LED lighting options abound. You can even put one in a wall niche.
  3. Think Multifunction – If you’re in a smaller bungalow, now’s the time to put some creative ideas to work to make more of the space you have. Think about things like incorporating an office nook in your new open concept, building storage space under basement stairs or add cozy seating in a tight living room by adding a bay window.

While it’s not usually considered a renovation, finding a roof company in Toronto to install a new roof can help update the look of your home. New colours, styles, and options for roofing tiles mean that a new roof can update the look of your home as much as any renovation.

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