5 Ways of Preparing for a House Valuation

In today's article, Chouinard Bros. shows how to prepare your house for valuation

There are lots of reasons for getting a property valuation. These include knowing what a residential property is worth for purposes of pricing it in a sale and helping you get a larger home loan or mortgage.

Just like you wouldn’t leave your car dirty and full of your things if you wanted to sell it, there are many ways of preparing for a house valuation to maximize the outcome.

How to Prepare for a House Evaluation

  1. Make the Home Neat and Tidy – Of course, giving the house a thorough cleaning will help. But even if all the living areas of your home are as tidy as can be, they still may look cluttered or disorganized to an appraiser. If you can, store extra pieces of furniture, remove hangings from crowded walls, and generally try to look at your home the way a stranger would see it. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, not because they appeal to buyers, but because grime and dirt can look worse in those rooms than other places in the home.
  2. Curb Appeal is Still Important – You know the importance of curb appeal for attracting more and higher bids when selling a house. But just because appraisers and real estate agents are professionals doesn’t mean they aren’t swayed by first impressions too. Do everything you can, winter or summer, to the exterior of your home to make it look it’s best.
  3. Reveal the Hidden Features – Appraisers might not notice the new spray foam insulation in the walls or that the air conditioning unit is brand new. So it’s a good idea to have a list of recent upgrades so they won’t miss anything. Also, let them know of any building plans you may have to improve the home.
  4. Point Out What Sets Your Home Apart – If your yard is larger than others in the neighborhood, or it’s the only one with a room above the garage, that can help improve its value.
  5. Spend Smartly – Not every upgrade to your home will pay off in an equivalent uptick in value. Talk to a roof company in Toronto and they’ll tell you that you should get a new roof when you need it, not just to increase the value of your house. A fresh coat of paint and some up-to-date accessories are excellent investments.

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