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Why Good Attic Insulation is Crucial

Why Good Attic Insulation is Crucial

You know what it’s like to snuggle into bed under a nice warm duvet on a cold winter’s night. Your attic insulation is like a duvet for your house and making sure there’s enough insulation can make your entire home warm and cozy.

Unfortunately most homeowners don’t pay enough attention to the insulation in their attic. While you might have a good amount of insulation, over time, due to issues like poor ventilation and moisture, the effectiveness of the insulation can deteriorate.

When that happens, not only can the benefits you get from insulation be reduced, but it can lead to a number of other problems throughout your home. Here are just a few of the issues you can suffer due to poor insulation.

1. Heat Loss

It’s simple really. Heat rises and your attic is at the top of your house, so the worse the insulation is in your attic, the more heat you’ll lose from your home.

2. High Energy Costs

Poor insulation increases the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home. When you keep more heat in during winter, and more cool air in during summer, you don’t consume as much energy to keep your home comfortable – and you don’t waste any money.

3. Problems with Your HVAC Equipment

Your HVAC equipment must work overtime to compensate for the problems of poor insulation. When you keep more of the costly conditioned air in your home, your furnace and air conditioner have to do less work. That means lower maintenance and repair costs and longer time until you have to replace your equipment.

4.  Structural Damage

Temperature fluctuations in your attic due to poor insulation can create moisture problems which can promote mould growth and damage the wooden structure of your roof. On your roof, increased freezing and melting cause by excessive heat loss can add to the wear and tear on your roofing shingles and eavestroughs.

These are just a few of the problems that make proper attic insulation crucial for your home. Fortunately, they’re easy to prevent by making sure you have the right insulation.

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