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Complete Guide to Roofing Insulation

Roofing insulation is important to protect your home against extreme weather conditions. Insulation keeps the house cool in summer and keeps heat trapped inside in winters, keeping it warm. In absence of insulation, not only is your house unprotected from the weather, it also results in global warming and atmospheric damage. A non insulated roof causes huge expenditure on heating and cooling.

Choosing insulation

The type of insulation depends on the kind of roof as the requirements vary with the shape of the roof. A flat roof needs special care and must be insulated by a professional contractor. A pitched roof, which has attic space is comparatively simpler to insulate and does not require professional guidance. Such roofing insulation is usually done using loose fills. If the roof is being converted into an attic, the insulation will be complicated and it is better to appoint a contractor in this case.


Many kinds of insulating materials are available. The material can be in the form of batts, loose fill, board stock or spray applied. Fiberglass, cotton and mineral wool are available in form of batts, (available as pre cut or in the form of blanket).

Fiberglass is readily available and mineral wool absorbs sound better. Loose fill materials are best installed by professionals and include materials like fiberglass, mineral fibre and cellulose fibre.

While fiberglass is very light and can be affected by air in the attic, cellulose fibre provides steady resistance against air. Spray applied materials are best suited to fill cavities. The material chosen should have the correct R-value, which refers to the capability of the material in resisting conduction of heat.


Insulation proves to be cost effective as it saves heating and cooling costs and reduces energy usage. Insulating am attic roof is more cost effective than a flat roof of about the same area. Insulation also reduces carbon emissions and other environmental damage. It is advisable to acquire few estimates before choosing one.

It is not always necessary that the cheapest estimate would be the best suited option. A very low estimate could mean that the quality of work is not up to the mark or the contractor lacks experience. It is therefore better to carefully look into the detailed estimates to check various aspects of costing.


A flat roof is difficult to maintain because water generally accumulates on it as it does not allow water to run off. So it is important to ensure there is proper ventilation to maintain the insulation of the roof.

Appointing a contractor

It is better to appoint a professional contractor for roofing insulation rather than doing it yourself. A contractor will do the job perfectly, using lesser resources and provide optimum efficiency. Due to their specialization and experience, they help you gain the maximum return on your investment.

Batts can be a part of your DIY project but insulation using loose fills necessarily requires an expert. A contractor would ensure there is no leakage and help you choose the perfect material for insulation having the correct R-value.

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