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Think About Security When Choosing New Windows for Your Home

New Window Installation Security Measures

The decision to install new windows in your home is not a simple one. Starting with the type of window you want in each room, including sliders, casement, bay or bow windows, you also want windows that fit with both the interior and exterior appearance of your home, and decide on the type of glass in each window: from regular to thermo-pane.

One aspect of new windows that many homeowners don’t consider is the level of security they provide. Especially at the ground level, windows are a primary point of entry for thieves. When you don’t consider the security your windows offer, you end up making compromises, like using bars, which can either damage your new windows or at least take away from their appearance.

Look for These Window Security Features

When you start shopping for new windows, make sure one or more of the following security features are on your list of “must haves”:

1. Security Window Film

Security window film is a polyester coating added to window glass following installation. Available in clear or tinted versions, and in different strengths, the film adheres to glass across its entire surface. If the glass is struck, the film holds shattered pieces in place to prevent burglars from getting in.

2. Window Alarms

If don’t have a home security system with window sensors, a wide variety of window alarms are available for DIY installation. They include units that simply sound an alarm when a window is opened and higher-end models that let you remotely monitor your windows so you can be notified if they are opened even when you’re not home.

3. Window Locks

Whether it’s a simple latch or a more sophisticated device, every window comes with its own locking device. If you want to avoid adding an after-market lock, you should choose windows with the best built-in locks available. Locks that engage the window at a single point are more easily broken than multi-point locks.

By taking the time to choose that are best suited to your house – and safety – you’ll be ready for many years of enjoyment – and higher home resale values – from your new windows.

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