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Get to Know the Different Types of Windows for You Home

They play so many crucial roles in your home. At times your windows need to let in light and cool breezes. At other times they need to keep out noise, pollution and intruders. And, whatever role they play, they need to make your home look better, inside and out.

So do you know which type of windows work best for each room in your house? For something that plays such an important role, it pays to know your options you have before deciding on which windows to install.

  • Casement Windows – Casement windows are one of your best options if you want to let in lots of air. They are built with one or two window panels, each one hinged along either side of the window frame. When the window panel(s) are fully open, the entire area of the window frame is open to the outside.
  • Single- and Double-Hung Windows – These are the traditional ‘sash’ style windows. There are two sashes in the window that slide vertically in the window frame. In a single hung window, only one sash slides. In a double-hung window, both sashes slide. Both single and double hung windows only allow half of the window area to be open to the outside.
  • Awning Windows – Awning windows are similar to casement windows, but they are usually made up of a single window panel, hinged along the top of the window frame, not the side.
  • Single Slider and Double Slider – Similar to single and double hung windows, but the sashes slide horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Bay Windows – Bay windows get their name from the space they create inside the home. Typically constructed of three window panels; a wider centre panel and two outside panels, bay windows protrude from the home. They are well suited to being the main ‘picture’ window of your home because of the extra space they add to the interior and their distinctive appearance they create from the outside.
  • Bow Windows – Similar to bay windows, bow windows protrude from your home, but they do so using more than three panels, which together form a curved ‘bow’. While they don’t add as much interior space as similarly-sized bay windows, bow windows offer a wide view of the outside world add to the curb appeal of the home.

Every type of window is available in a wide variety of sizes and hardware options that are too numerous to list here. Ask your window installation representative for advice before you decide on which type to use in each room of your home.

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