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Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding adds to the long list of benefits of using vinyl siding on the exterior of your home.

Vinyl siding is famous for its durability, attractive looks and low maintenance requirements. Even repairs are much easier than with other siding materials

While insulated vinyl siding adds more than just increased insulating properties to the list of benefits, the added insulation is a major selling feature. With the ability to add R-values of 3 or higher, insulated siding will help reduce the costs of heating your home in winter and cooling your home in the summer. What many homeowners don’t consider is the added benefits of increased insulation, which include lower maintenance, repair and replacement costs for your heating and air conditioning equipment, and increased interior comfort throughout your home – and don’t forget the reduced effect on the environment.

More Durable: As durable as regular vinyl siding is, insulated varieties are even longer lasting. The insulation that is added to the vinyl supports it and helps it counteract the effects of higher temperatures, which can cause regular vinyl to warp and buckle. Insulation also makes vinyl siding more puncture resistant, which is a common problem especially in homes that endure frequent high winds or that have nearby trees or buildings that can be a source of damaging debris.

Again, just like the insulation factor, the added durability of insulated vinyl results in added benefits. Primarily, less damage means less need for repairs, which means lower repair costs. Also, with warping and buckling minimized, you will need to replace fewer panels throughout the lifetime of your vinyl siding.

For homeowners who live in particularly noisy areas, like close to highways or industrial areas, insulated vinyl’s noise reducing and insulation qualities help make their homes quieter.

Other benefits of insulated vinyl include increased ability to keep moisture from entering your home. Moisture can get in behind regular siding through small imperfections o installation errors. When it does, it can cause mold and water damage not only where the leak happened, but to anywhere the water flows to. The added insulation helps keep more moisture out to reduce the risk of water damage.

And there’s one more bottom-line benefit that can be enjoyed by using insulated vinyl siding – it may be eligible for government energy tax credits.

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