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How to Paint Your Vinyl Siding

Painted vinyl sidings

If your home is clad in vinyl siding, you probably don’t give it much thought. Vinyl is famous for its durability and low maintenance that can see it last for decades.

Even better, if you feel that your siding is looking a little weather-beaten, you don’t necessarily have to replace it. Unless there is actual damage, you should be able to freshen its look, and the curb appeal of your home, by simply painting it.

It’s not a small job, to be sure, especially if the entire outside of the house is covered in siding. But it’s not complicated and there are no ‘special’ techniques to painting vinyl.

To help you make the job simpler and improve the final results, here are a few tips for painting your vinyl siding:

1. Timing Can be Everything

The potential size of the project means you need to check weather forecasts before you start. Cool temperatures, high humidity, sunny skies and even wind can negatively affect how the paint adheres to your siding. So look for warm, dry, overcast days when the winds are calm.

2. Pick the Right Paint

Choose a paint that has acrylic and urethane resins that give it the flexibility to endure the expansion and contraction that vinyl goes through without cracking. Pick a shade of paint that is similar to the one you have, or lighter. Darker colours can retain too much heat and warp the siding.

3. Clean the Siding

In addition to cleaning of any dirt and debris, be sure to remove rust, mold and mildew as thoroughly as possible. A mix of one-third cup of powdered laundry detergent, two-thirds cup of powdered household cleaner and one-quart liquid laundry bleach in four litres of water should do the trick for most of the cleaning. Rust spots might need and household rust stain remover. Use a soft-bristle brush, sponge or cloth to apply and cleaning solutions.

4. Start Painting

If the siding is in good condition, you won’t need a primer coat. After that, you can use the same painting techniques you use anywhere else in your home. Use a roller or paint sprayer for larger areas and brushes along the edges and difficult to reach spots. Let the paint dry according to the instructions on the can. As always, it’s best to apply many thin coats instead of a single thick coat.

Perhaps the best tip we’ve offered here is that painting your vinyl siding is not a small job. Once you’re prepared for that fact, the rest shouldn’t be too difficult.

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