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How to Install Vinyl Siding – Before You Begin

If you want to learn how to install vinyl siding, it’s important to approach it the right way.

First, take your time. Do-it-yourselfers can install vinyl siding and get similar results as professional installers, but not if they are in a hurry or try to cut corners. Second, learn as much as you can before you start. The internet is full of good advice, tips and step-by-step instructions for installing vinyl siding, so it’s not difficult to find. Also, don’t forget the library and talking to anyone who has installed their own siding. Getting lots of information from a number of different sources is important because it helps you have a deeper understanding of what you need to do. There’s nothing worse than being up in a gable of your home and not being sure of what to do next.

Be Prepared

Perhaps the most important part of a successful vinyl siding installation project is being as fully prepared as possible. If you’re not well prepared, the project may never be successful and will certainly be more difficult and take longer to complete.

Set-up your worksite: Safety is a priority. Take a look at all the areas of your home on which you plan to install siding. Imagine the processes you will be using and how you can do them as safely as possible. Things like trees, power lines and building features can change how you install all or part of your siding. Remove any obstacles you can and plan how you will work around the one’s you can’t.

Check where you will place ladders and/or scaffolding. Look for windows or any other elements on wall where you might need to lean a ladder. Also make sure the ground that will support your ladders and scaffolding is as level and dry as possible. If not make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure proper support.

Tools & Materials: You will need to measure the area over which you plan to install the siding. This will be the basis for determining quantities for the materials you’ll need. These include the vinyl siding itself, J-channel and undersill trim for around doors and windows, aluminum flashing and building paper.

The tools you’ll need include a hammer tape measure, stud finder, level, ladder, pry bar, saw horses or portable work benches, squares, utility knife and tin snips.

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