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5 Bonus Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

5 benefits of vinyl siding

If you’ve been considering vinyl siding for your home, you’ll be familiar with its benefits. Starting with its virtually maintenance-free durability that helps it stand up to hail, UV rays and anything else Mother Nature has to offer, it protects your home and adds significantly to its curb appeal.

And if you want to get extra benefits, insulated vinyl siding offers all the same advantages as regular siding and many more.

  1. Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

    The polystyrene foam backing used in insulated siding reduces heat transfer throughout the year. The result is that you spend less to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

  2. A Quieter Home

    Whether you’re a country dweller or an urbanite, insulated siding helps make your home a more peaceful place by reducing exterior sounds like wind, rain and traffic.

  1. Increased Resistance to Impact

    Vinyl siding is famous for its durability and resistance to strikes from hail or anything thrown at it by the wind. But the foam backing of insulated siding helps fill the gap between the siding and the wall of your home to add a “shock absorber” effect to the siding and reduce denting.

  2. Fewer Insects and Pests

    Even well-sealed vinyl siding can eventually allow insects and other intruders into the gap behind the siding. With the gap filled with insulation, unwanted visitors have little or no space to live or build nests.

  3. Stiffer Siding

    The insulation layer increases the siding’s rigidity significantly. Regular siding can conform to uneven walls on your home and present wavy “wows and flutters” along the straight lines of the siding. The increased stiffness that insulation provides leaves the finished installation looking straight and neat, and keeps it that way over time.

Insulated siding might mean a bigger investment in your home. But it’s an investment that pays dividends by delivering a number of additional benefits that increase the enjoyment you get from your home and its value.

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