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The Many Roles Your Entrance Doors Play

Roles of Your Entrance Door

When people think about the most important parts of their home, places like the kitchen, bedroom and/or family room are usually the first that come to mind. These are the places that you spend most of your time, places that you share with family.

But there’s another part of your home that, while you use it every day, you only do so for a few seconds at a time.

Even so, the entrance doors to your house help you enjoy your home around-the-clock, even when you’re not there. How can you enjoy your doors when you’re away from the house? Because of the many roles they play in the function of your home.

1. They Give You Safety & Security

The basic function of any entrance door is to give you a way to easily get into and out of your home while stopping others from doing the same. When you’re out, you’re secure in the knowledge that your doors are protecting your home.

2. They Keep You Warm & Comfortable

While being able to open entirely to the outside world whenever you want them to, your doors must keep out the cold in winter and the heat in summer when they’re closed. It helps you reduce energy consumption and costs, and makes your home a more comfortable place to be.

3. They Need to Look Great

It’s the first thing you see when you arrive home. You decorate the interior and exterior of your home to reflect your personality and to help you get more enjoyment from it. Doors are a more important part of that enjoyment than most people realize. And when it’s time to sell, your doors are a major part of the curb appeal that will help you maximize your home’s value.

So next time you just pull it closed when you’re leaving, or give it a kick to shut it after you come home, think about everything your entrance door does for you and your home. And when it’s time to replace them, make sure you find new doors that are very good at all the roles they play.

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