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Why Positioning is So Important for Your Skylight

We bet you thought that it would be a good idea to cut a hole in the roof of your house. But if that hole is for the installation of a skylight, then it’s a great idea.

While some homeowners never consider the idea of skylights, those who do can enjoy a number of benefits:

1. Lower Your Energy Costs

Skylights let in lots of natural light, which reduces your reliance on electricity to light your home

2. Enjoy Beneficial Daylight

The soft daylight that skylights allow into your home adds beneficial natural light, which can help brighten up a dark winter.

3. Get More Ventilation

If you like to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air on a nice summer’s day, wait until you do so with your skylight open too.

So now that you know why it’s worth thinking about a skylight for your home, there’s one detail you should carefully consider if you want to maximize the benefits you enjoy.

Where you place it on your roof is perhaps the most important decision you make when installing a skylight. Before you choose where to install your skylight, think about the following:

  • South-facing skylights will allow more direct sunlight into your home. While skylights enjoy the same technical advances as regular windows have for Energy Star ratings, a southern exposure can help to add heat in winter, but it can do the same in summer.
  • East-facing skylights will let in more light in the morning. If you like to wake up to a nice, bright room, that’s the way to go.
  • West-facing skylight will get more light in the afternoons and early evenings. Imagine enjoying summer dinners while bathed in natural light.
  • Skylights on the north side of your home might only get some sunlight in late spring and early summer. It’s a good location if you want consistent daylight in your home.

One More Thought. Don’t cut corners when choosing a skylight. The risk of leaks and drafts make this one purchase for which you don’t want to choose the cheapest option.

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