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What’s the Difference Between Architectural & Regular Asphalt Roofing Shingles?

Roof shingle tiles

If this is the year you’ve decided to get a new roof, you’re no doubt well into comparing of quotes, and wondering what’s included in each one and how to compare ‘apples to apples’.

First, if the roofing companies you asked to quote are worth your business, they’ll be happy to answer your questions. And you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. The more you engage with a company, the more you’ll learn about them and the better you’ll be able to decide if they deserve your business. Instead of dismissing a quotation outright, because of price let’s say, ask each roofer why there quotation is over or under, or otherwise different from others.

It’s not necessarily the answers you get that will be the most enlightening information, but how your questions are answered and the differences between the answers can give you the biggest clues about which quotation to choose. And it will rarely be the cheapest.

Which Roofing Tile to Choose?

It wasn’t long ago when the only choices you had to make for roofing tiles was the colour and lifespan. Go with red and the 30-year warranty.

But, if you’ve received a roofing quote recently, you’ve probably been told about ‘architectural’ shingles and their advantages.

Here’s your quick guide on the differences between the newer architectural shingles and the regular ‘three-tab’ shingles that are probably on your roof now.

1. The Look

Architectural shingles are designed to have more of a three-dimensional look versus three-tab shingles. That look is achieved by having differing tab sizes, different shades of colour, and they are thicker than three-tabs.

2. The Weight

Architectural shingles weigh about 50% more than regular shingles.

3. The Warranty

The added thickness and weight mean that architectural shingles last longer than regular shingles. So, if you like longer warranties, you’ll like architectural roofing tiles because 30 years is often their minimum warranty and 50 years is the usual warranty.

4. The Cost

Architectural shingles cost more than regular shingles that have the same lifetime rating.

If there’s one reason to think about installing architectural shingles, whether or not you agree with their higher price, it is that they are becoming the standard new shingle on roofs here in Markham. That means even new roofs with regular shingle can look older. In that way, architectural tiles help the overall value of your home more than regular shingles.

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