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There’s More to Your Roof than Shingles

Roof gutter

When most homeowners think about their roof, they usually think about the roofing tiles and hope that the tiles won’t leak. It’s easy to only about the shingles because, when you look at your roof, they are 90% of what you see.

But your roof is actually system of components that, together, help protect your home from outside elements, including wind, precipitation, heat and cold.

Every part of a roofing system plays its own role in protecting your home. So the next time you’re thinking about your roof and thinking mainly about its shingles, remember to also consider the other parts of the roofing system that help keep you dry and comfortable.

1. Eavestrough

The eaves of your roof is the part that extends beyond the outside wall of the house. The trough, or gutter, that runs along the outside edge of the eaves helps to channel away water and debris that falls on your roof. Without an eavestrough, water and snow would fall off the roof right beside your walls, where it could then leak into and damage your home.

2. Fascia

The fascia is the wood, PVC or metal that covers the end of the rafters that support your roof. Eavestroughs are attached to the fascia of the roof. Without a fascia, not only would it be difficult to attach an eavestrough, your attic would be wide open to anything that can get in from outside, like wind and rain, or any animals looking for a comfy place to live.

3. Soffit

Your roof’s soffit covers the underside of eaves. Like a fascia, it helps to keep out anything you don’t want inside your roof. It also works in conjunction with the vents of your roof to keep your attic ventilated and moisture-free. Not only does that prevent water damage in your roof, it keeps your attic insulation performing at peak efficiency, which lowers your heating and cooling costs.

Now that you know the ‘system’, you can make sure to remember all of its parts the next time you think about your roof.

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