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Roofing Specialist For Leaks

There may be nothing more depressing to a homeowner than finding water dripping into a room from the ceiling and realizing there may be a roof leak. The reason it is so depressing is that many origins of a roof leak are very hard to find. Fixing a leaky roof may also turn into an expensive endeavor if not done correctly.

A roofing specialist should be called immediately to assess the damage and determine where the leak originated. Because water flows downward and spreads itself across many areas, it could mean that where the leak is spotted is very far away from the problem’s source. Much of the path could be hidden, as water will wind its way through all the building materials it encounters.
The roofing specialist will be able to follow the water’s path to its source while paying very close attention to the pipes where significant water gets transported. Some of these pipes may not even appear to be wet. Checking for spots where mildew appears will often give a clue that water has collected there before. Moldy areas and stained ceiling tiles will also alert the specialist that water has collected many times before it started to leak through.

If you are noticing a leak and fear that it’s your roof, don’t despair. Many leaks can be repaired quickly without costing too much money. If you are unsure of how to repair the leak yourself and have had no experience in roofing, you absolutely want to hire a roofing specialist to be sure the job is well done and ensure there are no further leaks or any other damage.

Please note: Chouinard Bros. does not recommend any homeowner complete repairs to their roof of their own. Our technicians are skilled at performing this work and have received years of training to understand how to complete repairs safely.

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