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Roof Vent Repairs

Roof vents perform a vital function for your home. They move unwanted air to the outside. The air may be unwanted because of high humidity or odors. The air movement may just be to keep the attic from overheating in summer. Roof vents make the atmosphere inside your home more pleasant than it would be without them.

Like any fixture in your home roof vents may need maintenance. They are exposed to wind and weather. Years of temperature changes and wind will take their toll. While roof vent repair are not particularly complex it is worth hiring a professional to do the work. The reason is that working on the roof is hazardous just because of the location. Professional companies like Chouinard Bros do this type of work every day and are trained and equipped to do so safely. A homeowner clambering on the roof to do a repair for the first time is putting themselves in a hazardous situation.

There are two kinds of failure that are common among roof vents. The first is failure of the seal around the vent. This can be caused by inadequate materials or time and weather. A failed seal will cause a leak. As all homeowners know, a leak can lead to serious expense relaying shingles or replacing the sheathing. To avoid this be vigilant. Inspect your attic space regularly for signs of leaks or other weather intrusion. If you spot a leak near a roof vent, suspect the vent immediately. The second major cause of failure is the failing of the boot surrounding the vent. The boot either attaches to or is part of the flashing. Since it protrudes above the level of the shingles it is even more liable to weather related wear and tear. If you have a lead or metal boot, chances are high it will last as long as the roof. If you have some other material, see if you can inspect it safely from ground level. Plastic and other material degrades when exposed to the sun. A plastic boot should be painted to protect it from ultra violet radiation. If it is not painted, it needs to be replaced or covered with a new boot. Either will protect your roof and the crucial joint where the vent penetrates from the effects of the weather.

Roof vent repair by professionals like Chouinard Bros is much cheaper than replacing your roof.


Please note: Chouinard Bros. does not recommend any homeowner complete repairs to their roof of their own. Our technicians are skilled at performing this work and have received years of training to understand how to complete repairs safely.

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