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Maintaining Your Roof

Roof maintenance is one of the most critical types of upkeep that needs to be done to a home. Your roofing is an integral, protective part of your structure that must be maintained.

Chouinard Bros. professional Roofing Specialists are experienced professionals ready to assist you in replacing, upgrading or installing your roof. Scheduling regular maintenance of your home’s roof will save you money from major roof leak repairs, prevent hazardous conditions, and protect your family and assets. Maintain proper sealing to prevent water leakage that could create expensive damage and attract mold and mildew, which can lead to health issues.

Chouinard Bros. offers roofing repairs, aluminum products, window installation, and door installation. Our Sheet Metal Shop is available for custom manufacturing of siding, accessories, soffit and fascia, roof edges and moldings, gutters and accessories.

Materials used at Chouinard Bros. often have a lifespan of 15 years or more when taken care of properly. To request a free quote or talk to a representative, call 905-479-8300 or visit Contact.

Please note: Chouinard Bros. does not recommend any homeowner complete repairs to their roof of their own. Our technicians are skilled at performing this work and have received years of training to understand how to complete repairs safely.

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