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Installing an Ice and Water Shield

To protect the interior of your home from the elements, it is absolutely critical to keep your roof in good repair.  Because of the severe weather that we face here every year, you can add one of the best protective measures available to your roof by installing ice and water shield protection.

One of the most destructive weather hazards faced by homeowners during the winter is the formation of ice dams.  Ice dams are formed when melted snow runs down the roof to the cooler eaves and re-freezes. Water collecting above the dam works its way underneath the shingles and may penetrate through the roof deck. This can cause sags, leaks, and considerable damage.

An ice and water shield is a rubberized material that can be rolled out on the roof, helping to keep water and ice dams from gaining a foothold. Installing ice and water shield protection should be done in the summer during warm weather.  The rolls have adhesive backing, and the heat actually helps the material affix better to the wood decking. Ideally, this rubber ice and water shield should be spread over any roof joints where water can collect, freeze and weigh down on the roof shingles.

Installing ice and water shield rubberized protection around chimneys, vents, dormers and skylights is often a good idea for extra protection. The peaks and valleys in the levels of the roof often allow water and ice to accumulate in the winter in the depressions on the roof that otherwise is designed to shed water. Pay the most attention to these areas, even putting down more rubber ice and water shield than necessary.  In an emergency, shielding can be installed as temporary waterproofing to fix leaks.

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