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A Buyer’s Guide To Skylights

Do you feel that the rooms in your house are dark? Do you think that there is very little ventilation in your house? Do not despair over this. Talk to a skylight installation Toronto service and get skylights installed in your house. Skylights can transform any drab and dark room into a well-lit place ideal for hanging out with friends and family. Skylights can also make a compact room look bigger and well-ventilated.

Skylights are also more energy efficient than ordinary windows. By installing skylights in suitable locations in your home, you can enjoy maximum benefits.

North facing skylights provide enough light without releasing or absorbing too much heat. South facing skylights will provide extra heat during winters but will retain heat during summers as well.

East facing skylights will provide heat and light during the day while west facing ones do the same during late afternoons or early evenings. A skylight installation Toronto service provider will recommend the best locations in your house for fixing skylights.

Types of skylights

Ventilating, fixed and tubular skylights are the three main types of skylights. Fixed skylights are ideal for rooms that do not require any additional ventilation. These skylights provide a great view and are meant for areas that are out of reach.

Tubular skylights are meant for enclosed areas and tight spaces like corridors, pantries and closets. These skylights are adjustable and easy to install. Roof windows or ventilating skylights are ideal for rooms like bathrooms and kitchen that have excess moisture and need additional ventilation.

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