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4 Tips for Maintaining a Cedar Roof

Maintaing a cedar roof

You probably first thought of installing a cedar roof because of the charming character it adds to any home. Then, when you looked into, you found out all the other advantages of cedar roofing, including its incredible insulating properties, which help you reduce emissions and energy costs; and its weather resistance and overall durability.

So now, you still love the look, but you can tell everyone you chose a cedar roof for lots more than is appearance.

All those reasons are also reasons why you want to make sure your cedar shakes lasts as long as possible. Cedar shingles are rated for a similar warranty period that’s similar to many asphalt shingles at 20 to 25 years. But by using some or all of the following tips, you can maximize the lifespan of you cedar roof.

1. Regular Roof Inspections

This is a basic of making any roof last as long as possible. Simply inspecting your roof twice a year, once in the spring and once n the fall, is part of an ‘early warning system’ for roofing problems. Look for cracked, broken or curled shingles, and signs of some of the problems listed below.

2. Get Rid of Lichen, Mold & Moss

Moss build up can be particularly damaging to shingles because it holds more moisture and moisture is the enemy of every roof. Lichen, moss and mold will also ‘feed’ on the cedar, eventually causing it to rot.

3. Maintain it’s Resilience & Appearance

From power washing the roof, to applying cleaning solutions, preservatives and pigmented finishes, you’ll find a number of products for protecting and preserving cedar roofs. Ask your roof installation company for their recommendations. In any case, choose products that are fire resistant whenever possible.

4. Make Sure Your Attic is Well Ventilated

Yet another one that’s true for every roof, it’s even more important for a cedar roof. Ventilation reduces moisture in the attic and reduce the chance of that moisture getting into the cedar shakes.

If you love the look of your cedar roof, show your roof some of that love to keep it looking great.



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