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3 Things Your Roof Can Tell You About Your Home in Winter

3 Things Your Roof Can Tell You About Your Home in Winter

It keeps you warm, dry and protects you from high winds and the debris that comes with it. It’s the “roof over your head”.

But you knew all that. What most homeowners don’t realize is that their roof can tell them a lot about what’s going on in their homes.

If there isn’t snow on your roof now, pay attention after the next snowfall and look for the signals your roof sends to you, including the following:

1. Snow on Your Neighbour’s Roof, But Not on Yours

How much snow there is on your roof can be an indication of how well your home’s insulation works. You’ll need to compare your roof to your neighbours’ roofs, but your roof will deliver the message. If there’s snow on your neighbour’s roof, but noticeably less or none on your roof, it means that there’s enough heat immediately under your roof to melt the snow. And the heat shouldn’t be there. It should be in your house, where you are, keeping you warm.

Even if there’s still snow on your roof, look for bare spots. They can tell you where there’s “holes” in your insulation.

2. Foot Traffic

Your roof is probably a busier place than you realize. Birds, squirrels, even raccoons can use it as a way to get from point A to point B without risking of being caught by the neighbourhood dogs and cats. When there’s snow on your roof while temperatures are not far below zero, it will be warm enough for animals to be out and about. And their footprints in the snow on your roof will let you know how much traffic, and potential damage, threatens your roof.

3. Icicles

They can be so beautiful, yet so dangerous. And they can be a sign that your attic is poorly ventilated or you need better insulation. Icicles can form from your roof for a number of reasons. It’s generally not a sign of anything being wrong if you get icicles after temperatures have been fluctuating above and below zero. But if there are icicles hanging from your roof, and your neighbor has none, it’s a possible sign that your insulation and/or your attic’s ventilation is not working properly.

If there is one thing to remember if you want to extend the life of your roof, it is to pay more attention to it. Especially since it might be trying to tell you something.

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