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3 More New Year’s Resolutions for Your Roof

3 More New Year's Resolutions for Your Roof

One of the best things about making New Year’s Resolutions for your roof is that they really are for you! The more you do to keep your roof and attic in tip top shape, the better the protection they can give your home.

This Year’s New Year’s Resolutions for Your Roof

We’ve already given you three New Year’s Resolutions and they’re worth checking again. When you’re done, add them to the resolutions below and the roof of your house just might have it’s best year ever!


  1. Check for Signs of Ice Damming – Ice dams form along the edges of your roof when the air in your attic is too warm. The ice can expand underneath your roofing tiles and cause them to bend, crack and/or break off.

By doing a little sleuthing in winter, looking for a number of large icicles hanging from your eavestroughs, you can identify spots where ice dams have likely formed.

2. Look for Dark Streaks on Your Shingles in the Spring – Especially if springtime is more damp than usual, try to get a good look at your roofing tiles (only from the safety of the ground!). If you notice any dark black, green or brown streaking or blotches on the tiles, it could be signs of mould growth. 

Left untreated, moulds can damage your shingles and even the roof deck below. You can’t confirm the growth until you get a professional roof inspection. But the longer you wait, the more chance you have of suffering roofing damage.


3. Think About Improving Your Attic Insulation – This one goes hand-in-hand with your hunt for ice dams. As we told you in a recent post, there are two ways to prevent ice damming: keep warm air out of the attic and let cool air into the attic. The best way to keep warm air out is to improve your attic insulation to stop the warm air from melting the snow that ends up causing the ice dam.

Want to know something else you can do to help your roof protect your home? Check out our blog post “The Benefits of Maintaining Eavestroughs all Around Your Home”.

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