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3 Big Benefits of Attic Baffles

Chouinard Bros. lists the benefits of attic baffles

It’s easy to think that a residential roofing system should remain airtight to keep out the elements and offer the most protection for the home. But the truth is that your roof, particularly the attic, must be properly ventilated with outside air to perform its best. Attic baffles help to promote attic ventilation.

Good attic insulation happens when roof vents allow air to enter and exit the attic. Fresh, outside air enters the attic through soffit vents or gable vents and exits through rafter vents or ridge vents. When it does that, it removes damp, stagnant attic air and replaces it with clean dry air.

Without baffles, attic insulation can block soffit vents, restricting the ability of the roof ventilation system to draw in air.

How Attic Baffles Benefit Your Roof and Home

Basically, attic baffles keep the air flowing in your attic. And when it does, you enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Less Mould & Mildew – Even with a well-sealed roof, moisture can accumulate in the attic. If it isn’t carried away through ventilation, it can accumulate to the point where mould and mildew spores find a welcoming environment to grow.
    Mould and mildew feed on organic materials, including the wooden support system for your roof, They can eventually damage the roof to the point of weakening the rafters and/or roof deck.
  2. Fewer Ice DamsIce dams happen when snow and ice higher up on the roof melt, roll down the roof and refreeze as they flow over the soffit section of the roof, which isn’t warmed by the heat of the home. Ice dams can damage your roof and eaves troughs. Good ventilation facilitated by baffles keeps the temperature more consistent throughout the attic, which makes ice dams less likely to form.
  3. A More Comfortable Home – A well-ventilated attic helps attic insulation do its job better, which means your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Our roofing company can help you find out if your attic has the correct baffling to enjoy all the benefits it offers.


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