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5 Ways to Prevent Animal Roof Damage

Ways to prevent animals from damaging your roof

After we posted our last article “How to Inspect Your Roof for Animal Damage” we thought, if you knew ways to prevent animal damage to your roof, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about checking for the damage!


How to Prevent Animal Roof Damage

First, it’s important to have realistic expectations here. There’s nothing you can do to completely prevent animals from damaging your roof. Simply by walking over it, animals like squirrels and raccoons contribute to the slow erosion of the granular surface of asphalt shingles, which can reduce their lifespan. 

The following tips are focused on preventing animals from causing damage to get inside your roof or attic. 

  1. Get a Regular Roof Inspection – This is something you should do anyway to maximize the lifespan and value you get from your roof. But nowhere is it more useful than in helping to stop animals from getting into your roof and attic. Damaged shingles, a damaged or wet roof deck, small holes in your roof, loose soffit vents, or deteriorated seals and flashing around chimneys and roof vents, can all give critters easy access to your roof.
  2. Have a Chimney Cap Installed – A wide-open chimney is a wide-open invitation to all sorts of animals and birds to set up house in your home.
  3. Keep Eavestroughs Free of Debris – Birds are attracted to cluttered eavestroughs because of all the great nesting materials. And since they are at your house already, the chances are higher that they will choose your nest for their nest.
  4. Consider the Location of your Garbage and Recycling Bins – raccoons can (and will) climb downpipes to gain access to the roof. If they are already sniffing around your garbage which is conveniently located next to your downpipe, the pipe will be their next best step in the search for a safe resting spot.
  5. Trim Tree Branches – Branches that overhang your house are like a bridge to your roof for animals to cross. The further away branches hang from your home, the better. Squirrels can jump incredible distances, so even those branches that you might think are far enough away might not be.
  6. Check Your Attic – Do so with care. Check your attic, not only for signs of wildlife but also for damaged areas that might have been caused by animals. If you even suspect you have intruders, do not try to find or get rid of them, but contact a wildlife removal service instead.

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