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Sliding Glass Doors – How to Choose One

Choosing sliding glass doors for your apartment can be quite a handful especially if you have never done it before. Do you go for customized ones or stick to the normal ready-made options? If the designs and brand are not enough to baffle you, there is also the matter of keeping to your budget. So in case you have never gone through any manual on how to choose them, here are some tips that can come in handy…

Get the size right

If you have decided to buy customized sliding glass doors, it is vital that you get the measurements correct. These are available in the dimensions of 4 feet wide and 10 feet long. However, if you require larger sizes, you have no option but to opt for customized doors.

In such cases, inform your contractor of the exact measurements of your doorway. Only after they verify your required measurement can they suggest you to opt for single or multiple doors, door panels and so on.

It would be a waste of money if the doors in question do not snuggly fit into the required space.


Sliding doors made of glass are supposed to be all posh and expensive? Rubbish. Maybe this theory worked a few years back when having this kind of doors installed was not in fashion. But in the recent years sliding glass doors have gained worldwide popularity.

So if your contractor charges an enormous amount of money for installing them, you can be sure that he is being unreasonable.

In many cases, different substitutes of glass are used to make these kinds of doors. So if you are on a tight budget, just go for a simple design made of glass substitute, such as fiber glass, that looks just like glass.

Just plan how much you would like to spend on them and you can surely find something that suits your needs.

The eco-friendly options

Ensure that the sliding doors you’re buying are eco friendly. These kinds of sliding doors are made of 100% recycled glass materials and hence, are energy efficient. Moreover, recycled glass doors are not only affordable, they are much more durable when compared to other types of         glass doors.

Double locks – the better option?

Some of the sliding glass doors are preferred more than others for containing single positioned locks, which look like clips that can be affixed to door frames. Do not be fooled by this minor security detail. These locks are not as safe as you might think.

They are not sturdy at all and become loose with one good pull. In these circumstances, even the handle lock system would not be much helpful. The safest way out is to buy doors that have double clipped lock positioned on opposite sides of the door frame.

For ultimate security detail, blocking bars can be used. This way, the door itself can never be yanked out of the door frame, no matter how hard one pulls at it.

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