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Fiberglass Entry Doors

Your front door is the face of your home.  It is one of the few features of your home that every single visitor or guest gets to see.  If you ever decide to sell your house, your front door will provide the crucial first impression to potential buyers about your entire home that just may determine how fast your home sells.  A high quality front door can be your bold statement to the world about your individual sense of style and pride of ownership.  With that in mind, shouldn’t you have the most beautiful and stylish door possible?

You front door can also be one of the worst areas in your entire home in terms of energy loss.  An ill-fitting door can let in costly leaks, dust, and drafts.  A poorly insulated door can drain your wallet as losses in heating and cooling fly out your door, day after day and year after year.  A high quality front door can both provide a weather tight seal that will end the drafts and serve as a thermal insulator that keeps the effects of the elements at bay.  With that in mind, shouldn’t you have the best-fitting and most energy efficient door possible?

With fiberglass entry doors, you are provided with the utmost of benefits in energy efficiency without having to sacrifice either style or creative options. A fiberglass entry door comes in a wide variety of customizable styles and decorative glass options, and is paintable or stainable in a generous palette of colors.  There is an elegant glass option to satisfy any sense of style, and the with so many color choices available, you can match or accent any décor.  A fiberglass door can even be painted on one side and stained on the other side.

Perhaps the best long-term practical advantage to installing fiberglass entry doors is their impressive level of energy efficiency. The fiberglass skin of the door, combined with the insulated core gives the overall door system, acting as a whole, a measurable advantage over the more commonplace doors.  Also, fiberglass does not warp, rot, or deteriorate because of the weather, giving it a long-term advantage over more traditional wooden doors.  Because the doors usually come pre-hung within a new frame, the resultant seal is tighter than a standard door ordered from your local hardware store.

At Chouinard Bros., we realize that with so many available options, it can be difficult to know exactly which choice is right for you.  If you have questions, or if you just want to know what is out there, contact us today for a free estimate and professional consultation.

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