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Entry Door with Sidelights

Upon welcoming your guests to your home, the first thing they see, even before greeting you, is your entry door. In overall home design, an entry door can make all the difference. While there are many different design options to choose from, one of the most popular and elegant choices happens to be an entry door with sidelights. A sidelight is a window that is installed on either side or both sides of your door, with perpendicular glass fittings. Sidelights allow you to add more decorative accents to your entryway, like glass etchings or window icing, than ever before. Not only that, but the effect of an entry door with sidelights is one of shear elegance, with light pouring out onto your porch or lawn from both sides of your doorway before your guests even knock. Here are some benefits of this type of entry door:

Natural lighting

The extra windows in your home will allow for more natural lighting to shine into your entry way. This can reduce electricity costs, as you won’t need to reach for the light switch so often to light your way when answering the door, or greeting visitors. In areas where lighting is already an issue, this may even make your home safer for children or pets. There will be no more tripping over boots or coats to find the light!


New fiberglass materials allow sidelights to be more secure than traditional glass installations. Some fiberglass materials even boast that they are five times stronger than wood! This means that you can rest assured that no matter what style of fiberglass sidelight you choose, your family will still be safe and secure from possible robbers, burglary, or crime.


This is probably the reason why most people opt for an entry door with sidelights. Such a door can lend an air of distinction to your home, make other design elements pop, and be used to express your personality.

Any of the above three reasons are great ones to consider installing an entry door with sidelights. If you would like more information on pricing, installation, options, or just would like to talk over the possibilities, contact a professional service like Chouinard Bros., today. Their professionals would be happy to make an appointment with you, answer your questions, or let you know if this kind of an entryway would be an option for your home.

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