Flat Roofs

There are a great variety of flat roofing materials to choose from. There are three main types of flat roofing, including built up flat roofs (BUR), single-ply flat roofing and spray on/paint on roofs.

When considering a flat roof, you need to find the one that will work best for your needs.Flat Roof

A BUR roofing system is built up using multiple layers of tar-saturated paper, liquid tar, asphalt or multiple layers of other types of roof membrane, such as rolled asphalt or modified bitumen. The layers are added on top of one another in a criss-cross position. Usually, the built up roof will also have a layer of pea-sized gravel added to the top to protect the roof from the sun’s UV rays.

Single ply roofing — as the name implies — consists of just one layer of roofing material. The material is a waterproofing membrane and a weathering surface together. Single ply roofing membranes are much thinner and lighter than built-up roofs. Common single ply roofing systems today are EPDM Rubber roofing, PVC roofing and TPO roofs. Rubber roofing is the oldest EPDM roofing material on the market today. Although rubber roofing has its limitations, it’s still one of the most popular on the market today due to its competitive pricing and easy installation.

Spray-on and paint-on roofing are liquid applied flat roofing systems. Spray foam roofing includes a two-part insulation sprayed directly onto the roof, and then coated with acrylic or urethane coating and a thin later of crushed stones or sand. Roofs must be re-coated every ten years to extend the performance life of such roofs.


  • modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing in single-ply and double-ply systems
  • exceptional resistance to aging, weathering, and temperature extremes

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