Vinyl Siding

Protect your home against the elements with quality vinyl siding. Good vinyl siding will withstand even hail and UV rays. And Chouinard Bros. products meet and exceed industry standards.

Vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials for new construction, and it’s also one of the most maintenance free. The thickness, or gauge, is the key to its durability, and also affects its cost. The thicker the vinyl is the better it will withstand damage and the higher its cost. However, the durability may offset the cost, as the need for repairs or eventual replacement will be less likely.

The thickness of most home siding is .045”-.045.” Premium brands are up to .055” thick. Vinyl colors range from light to medium colors. Darker colors may fade, so they are less popular.Vinyl Siding

On older homes, vinyl may sometimes be installed over old siding, but because vinyl needs to be nailed onto solid wood, its best to remove the siding. And, removing older vinyl or aluminum siding before applying new siding gives the homeowner the chance to improve on the home’s existing insulation and weatherization, which can improve utility costs and home durability. House wrap or sheets of foam insulation are generally applied over sheathing to improve insulation.

On new construction siding is installed over the wall sheathing. House wrap is typically used on new construction because it seals against air infiltration, but still allows walls to breathe. Drafts are reduced and it doesn’t trap moisture inside the walls.



  • Withstands all weather – even hail and UV rays
  • Controlled pliability for strength with resilience
  • All products meet and exceed industry standards

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