Custom Copper Work

Copper is one of the only metals with its own natural color. When properly installed, it will remain basically maintenance free for a lifetime. Through its natural weathering process its warm color will evolve to an elegant green patina finish, and there are products out there that can either slow or accelerate this process.

With the addition of copper, simple, functional gutters become decorative works of art, or a copper finial can create a distinctive touch that will set your property apart. Chouinard Bros. custom copper work is well known for its quality and unique attributes. The malleability of copper makes it a great material to work with, even over irregular roof structures, such as domes or other curved shapes.

Copper adds character and durability that no other metals can match. It can complement any style of building, from old world to modern. And the warmth and beauty of the metal is a favorite of many architectsCustom Copper Work.

In recent years, copper roofing tools have evolved to meet new design demands and to reduce installation times. These tools have improved flexibility in design and made for a more economic installation. Two basic pieces of equipment that have impacted the copper roofing industry are the pan former, or roll former, and the power seamer.

The power pan former is designed to form pans or roof accessory shapes from flat sheet or coiled stock. Projects can be customized with digital or mechanical controls and the power roll-forming equipment is portable for use that requires on-site fabrication.

Power seamers, which can be used on both standing seam and batten seam roof systems, allow for precise uniform seams without the hammer marks that are typical to hand-forming equipment.


  • trained, knowledgeable staff to install custom copper and metal
  • the perfect accent for a cedar roof
  • lasts a lifetime

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