Roof Repair & Maintenance

Do You Have a Roof Repair Emergency?

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Are you looking to repair animal roof damage? Before you call a roofing contractor, you’ll need to call your local municipality’s animal control. Read our guide on what to do if you have animals in the roof.

Expert Roof Repair & Maintenance Means a Longer Lasting Roof

Your roof is your first line of defense against the sun, wind damage, rain, ice and snow. ‘Band-aid’ repairs won’t do. In fact, the better the roof repair, the longer your current roof will last, which means you might not need to replace your roof as soon as you think.

Why Chouinard Bros. is Your Best Choice for Roof Repair

  • Trained, Qualified and Experienced Roof Repair Specialists – Roof repair is not the same as roof installation. From knowing when a repair is needed and locating the source of leaks, to using the right equipment, materials and processes, you need a roof repair specialist for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your repairs are done right.
  • More Value from Warranty Repairs – If your roof was installed by Chouinard Bros., your roof repair may be covered under our comprehensive installation warranty. But if not, there is also a manufacturer’s warranty and we will help guide you to get the most out of any claim that may apply to your roof.
  • Ongoing Roofing Maintenance Program – Your best protection against emergency roof repairs is to have your roof regularly inspected and maintained by Chouinard Bros.. Our savvy roof inspectors know how to spot potential issues and get them repaired before they become a costly problem.
  • Top Quality Materials & Products – To maintain our consistently high standards throughout every repair, we use only the best quality roofing materials and roofing products.

Repairs to All Types of Roofing

Whether you need repairs to a residential, commercial or industrial roof; whether they are due to wind damage, animal traffic or just age; our specialists know how to repair it right the first time.

  • Asphalt & Fibreglass Shingle Repair & Replacement – Do you have missing shingles or shingles that need to be replaced? We have the top-quality fibreglass or asphalt shingles to make reliable repairs that don’t look like a repair.
  • Eavestroughs, Soffit, Fascia, Edges, Molding and Flashing – The aluminum products that help your roof do its job also need to be kept in good repair to protect your home or business from damaging leaks. Our in-house aluminium sheet metal shop can custom fabricate the aluminium piece your need on any type of roof.
  • Flat Roofs – It doesn’t matter what type of flat roof you have: modified bitumen, single-ply EPDM, PVC or TPO roofs, or liquid applied flat roofing, we have the right materials, equipment and specialists to fix it properly.

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