Warranty Claim

To start a warranty claim, you need to call IKO directly at 1-800-521-8484 to initiate your claim.

They will ask for a proof of purchase which I have attached to this email. If you are a new homeowner, they will also ask you for a copy of the purchase and sale agreement. (the first and signed page is enough, they don’t need all pages). The document needs to establish that the homeowner that is initiating the claim is same homeowner that lived at that home when the house was built or when the roof was installed.

Please forward your proof of purchase and copy of the purchase and sale agreement (If applicable)

by fax to: (905) 457-3196

or mail it to this address:
IKO Industries Ltd
Attn: Warranty Claims Dept.
80 Stafford Drive
Brampton, ON L6W 1L4

or email to this address:

If you have requested Chouinard’s to take the shingle sample and pictures of the roof, you will need to forward us your claim number (which will be given to you by IKO). This allows us to forward the samples to IKO for testing. There is a $150.00 fee for Chouinard’s to take the samples. You can email the warranty claim number to gloria@chouinardbros.com or call me at 905-479-8300.