Shingle Shield

Shingle Shield zinc strips protect your home by interrupting the flow of rain and releasing invisible fungistatic compounds of zinc oxide. These compounds travel down the roof slope and are absorbed by the roof surface, inhibiting the growth of fungus, moss and algae.

Shingle Shield is maintenance free; it will not rust and it’s reusable. It extends the lifetime of your roof and can increase the beauty and value of your home. It also eliminates the need for costly re-roofing or cleaning services.

Typically one row of Shingle Shield zinc strips at or near the ridge line is sufficient to inhibit the growth of fungus, moss. However on a roof slope longer than 20’ or roofs with severe or persistent problems, it may be helpful to install a second row halfway down the roof.

Shingle Shield comes in 3’ sections with pre-drilled nailing holds and a butt-end design for easy application. The zinc oxide will not harm aluminum gutters. Shingle Shield is manufactured from approximately 99 percent pure zinc.

Single Shield is EPA approved and is considered safe around children, plants and animals. Zinc is an essential element of the human body and can be found in vitamins and as an additive in breakfast cereals.

Shingle Shield may remain effective for 20 years or longer depending on the climate. Zinc oxide is microscopic and will be absorbed by the shingles, so it will not stain your roof.

Used to inhibit the growth of destructive moss, fungus, and algae which is unsightly and can reduce the life of your roof.

Moss, Fungus, and Algae – grow where moisture is retained on the roof. Sunlight obstructions such as overhangs, shade trees, or a northern exposure, can increase the growth.

When installed, Shingle Shield releases and distributes low-toxicity zinc oxide that is absorbed by the roof surface and inhibits the growth of moss, fungus, and algae.

  • inhibits growth of destructive moss, fungus, and algae
  • can be installed on new and existing roofs presently clean of moss, fungus, and algae growth

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